10209 Plainfield Rd

Cincinnati, Ohio 45241

Hours of Operation

Cemetery Visitation:
Sunrise – Sunset 365 days a year

Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Sales & Information:
Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Saturday 8:30 AM – Noon

After hours assistance available by appointment

The Lasting Legacy of Beautiful Cemetery Structures

cemeteries in Sharonville, OH

Rest Havens Memorial Park is a place where love, memories, and honor converge. This sanctuary provides a space where families can remember their loved ones with fondness and peace, in a setting noted for its natural beauty. We believe in celebrating a life well-lived, and our stunning cemetery structures represent a fitting tribute to every […]

Creating Lasting Tributes with Memorials for Burial Sites

cemeteries in Sharonville, OH

Rest Haven Memorial Park is a sanctum of remembrance, honoring the lives of those who have crossed over. We believe that each life is unique and deserves a unique tribute. That’s why we offer memorials for burial sites, crafted to draw on the essence of the individual they represent. Each memorial is more than a […]

The Timeless Value of Permanent Memorialization

Cemeteries in Sharonville, OH

Nestled in Sharonville, Ohio is a place of tranquility and respect – Rest Haven Memorial Park. This memorial park is known for its unique and compassionate services, offering a comforting environment for individuals who seek a place to mourn, celebrate, and remember their loved ones. The reality we grapple with is the inevitability of parting, […]

Choosing the Ideal Burial Spaces for Loved Ones

cemeteries in Sharonville, OH

Choosing a burial space is a significant decision that requires careful consideration and understanding. This space will serve as a meaningful remembrance spot and a final tribute to a life well-lived. At Rest Haven Memorial Park, we specialize in providing various burial spaces that suit the unique needs of families seeking cemeteries in Sharonville, OH. […]

Making A Memorial After Cemetery Burial

cemeteries in Sharonville, OH

When you have a funeral, and perhaps a burial service for a loved one in one of the cemeteries in Sharonville, OH, there are a lot of different things you can do once they are laid to rest. You might feel good about the way you honored them and that can be the end of […]

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