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Eco-Friendly Burial Options: A Guide to Green Cemeteries

cemeteries in Sharonville, OH

In recent years, eco-friendly burial options have gained popularity as more families seek sustainable ways to honor their loved ones. As a distinguished cemetery in Sharonville, OH, Rest Haven Memorial Park is committed to offering environmentally conscious alternatives that respect both the deceased and the planet. Our dedication to sustainability and compassionate care makes us a unique choice for families exploring green burial options.

Understanding Green Burials

Green burials emphasize simplicity and environmental sustainability. Unlike traditional burials, which often involve embalming fluids, metal caskets, and concrete vaults, green burials use biodegradable materials. This approach minimizes the ecological footprint and allows the body to return naturally to the earth. At Rest Haven Memorial Park, we provide a tranquil and natural setting where families can choose from a variety of green burial options tailored to their needs.

Eco-Friendly Burial Options at Rest Haven Memorial Park

Natural Burial Grounds: Our natural burial grounds are free from synthetic materials and chemicals, allowing the body to decompose naturally. This method supports soil health and promotes the growth of native plants, contributing to the local ecosystem.

Biodegradable Caskets and Shrouds: We offer a selection of biodegradable caskets and shrouds made from materials such as bamboo, wicker, and organic cotton. These eco-friendly options ensure that every aspect of the burial process is in harmony with nature.

Conservation Burial Areas: Our conservation burial areas are designed to protect and restore native habitats. By choosing this option, families help preserve the environment and create lasting natural legacies. These areas often feature lush landscapes, providing a peaceful resting place for loved ones.

Benefits of Choosing a Green Cemetery

Choosing a green cemetery offers numerous benefits, both for the environment and for the families involved. Green burials reduce carbon emissions and the use of non-renewable resources, making them a responsible choice for those who care about sustainability. Additionally, the natural settings of green cemeteries provide serene and beautiful spaces for reflection and remembrance.

At Rest Haven Memorial Park, our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our burial options. We actively engage in conservation efforts and maintain our grounds using environmentally friendly practices. Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to helping families navigate the options and make informed decisions that align with their values.

How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Burial

Planning an eco-friendly burial involves several steps. First, discuss your preferences with our compassionate team, who can guide you through the available options and help you select the best one for your family. Consider opting for a natural burial plot or a biodegradable casket to ensure the burial is as green as possible.

We also recommend pre-planning your burial arrangements. Pre-planning not only ensures your wishes are honored but also alleviates the emotional and financial burden on your loved ones during a difficult time. Our team at Rest Haven Memorial Park is here to support you every step of the way, providing expert advice and personalized service.

Choosing an eco-friendly burial at our cemetery in Sharonville, OH, is a meaningful way to honor your loved one while also caring for the environment. For more information on our green burial options, please contact us today. Together, we can create a lasting legacy that benefits both your family and the planet.

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